About Timishort

Timishort Film Festival was born, like many good ideas, over a coffee in 2009.

Timisoara has 340.000 inhabitants , which we considered want films with actual content, that they, themselves can discuss afterwards, over a cup of coffee. Short films are the basis of any film theory, and let’s face it, the most digestible ones. The festival team promoted, even from the beginnings, author films (film d’hauteur), making an emphasis on national and/or international premiers.

The Timishort FF competitions are:

  • National Competition
  • International Competition
  • Videorama (our experimental film section )

We also have a great number of non-competitive sections, to please the large diversity of the public.

Our main goal was to bring back the magic of watching a film on the big screen, which are rarely present in Romania, apart from multiplexes. We are proud enough to have managed to grow in audience numbers each year.