Andreea Dincă


Festival Director

I measure in Timishort editions the most important events in the recent history: the first Afro-American United States President, the volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, in Iceland, the Arab Spring, the Olympic Games in Great Britain, Snowden’s disclosures, the Maidan protests, the refugee crisis, BREXIT, the “G20” Summit in Hamburg. All these important events have changed in a unique way the course of events at the international level. And, among all these, a city with a strong multicultural tradition is named “The European Capital a Culture” in 2021. And exactly in this city, this year, we celebrate 10 years of existence. It may seem as a common number, yet another film festival, just an event from some many others. But Timishort is more than that: it is an independent project, with a powerful educational role and a major involvement of the civil society. We try, through the selection of the films, to be a mirror of the society, to ask uncomfortable questions and to raise questions. And please, believe us, it’s hardly an easy job. We are now, here, today, to celebrate 10 years of intense work, of sacrifices, but also of numerous accomplishments and myriad joys. Happy birthday!

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