Sala Capitol, 6 octombrie 2018

Silent Strike was born in Bacău and composes electronic and film music. He has released 7 LPs and 6 EPs, and has collaborated with a lot of musicians and composers (Deliric, Lucian Ban, Adrian Enescu, Mat Maneri, Alex Harding, Ada Milea, Alexandrina, EM, Muse Quartet, Monooka, Madam, Maria Radu, AiNA Roxx, Cherie, Kazi Ploae, Norzeatic, Makunouchi Bento, Yvat, BLN, C.T.C., Specii, ∆Aimon, Bad Tropes, Vlaicu Golcea, Sorin Romanescu, Electric Brother, DJ Vasile, Alienpimp, Dj Undoo, and many others). Silent Strike opened for the concerts of Faithless, Amon Tobin, Saul Williams, Bonobo, Venetian Snares, Recoil, Jazzanova, Com Truise, Kode9, Robot Koch, Dj Food, and others.

Muse Quartet is always seeking “The Otherwise”: The girls don’t care about limits and exert their talent and the capacities of the classical instruments in other musical groups as well, presenting in their concerts ever new shades of the cinematic, pop and rock, music. The quartet had numerous projects and collaborations, both locally and abroad, with renowned artists, such as: Akua Naru, C.T.C., Golan, Smiley, Feli, Andra, Loredana, Ştefan Bănică Jr., Alexandrina Hristov, Alexandra Uşurelu, Byron, VUNK, Lucia, Andrei Tudor Band, Aeon Blank, Vanotek, The Motans, Tomma Alistar, Silent Strike.


4-7 October 2018, AMBASADA (Str.Anton Seiler nr.2) / UVT TV (Bvd. Vasile Parvan)

The workshop is aimed at those interested in the film industry, having as its main purpose the promotion of cinema education locally and aiming to discover and to cultivate new talents for local filmmaking. For four days, the participants in the workshop will interact with professionals in the field of cinema, but with the film world from the inside, as well, intensively going through all the steps of a film production: from the idea, to the end-product. The workshop’s sessions will involve the making, in a team work, of a video material, which will be screened at the Closing Gala of “TIMISHORT” Film Festival. This year’s edition of the workshop will take place between October 4-7, during the 10th edition of “TIMISHORT” International Short Film Festival.

Trainers: Claudiu Puscau, Daniela Ratiu, Sergiu Margaian, Ionut Suciu

Partners: Overcast Agency, Naiagram Films, Fine Pictures, UVTTv, Timisoara 2021