Focus: Macedonia (83’45”)


SHADOWS (Macedonia, 2013, 7’)
MARY (Macedonia, 2016, 9’45’’)
THE MONK (Macedonia, 2018, 12’)

Directed by: Zharko Ivanov

The “Round Trip” trilogy is an animated film project, with three separately crafted parts which interact with one another, with three significant components. The first one is the directorial method specific for each of the three stories, conceiving an overall creative result. Each of the three films consists of a recurrent narrative structure, thematically determined by the characters of the stories: in “Shadows”, it’s grief for the lost son; in “Mary”, it’s the discovery and the miracle of film, and, in “The Monk”, the elevating power inspiration and love have. The second component is the visual approach and the animation style of the films. It is a traditional animation, which means that every frame has been hand drawn. The specific atmosphere of the films has been captured through the rough and soft pencil movements on paper, with strong expressive lines which leave “empty spaces” throughout the drawings, creating a dream-like reality, while enabling an imaginary creation of new events and characters, and with the impressionist play of the shadows, the scenes appear like distant memories. Ten to twelve drawings were made per second, while the entire trilogy consists of more than 20,000, every single one of them made with special attention, representing a separate work of art per se. The third, very important, component of all the three films is their geographic location: they are related by identifiable Macedonian milieu. The first film is set in the old and new Skopje, before and after the earthquake; the second one, in rural and urban Bitola, in the times of the Manaki Brothers, and the third, on a set in a medieval monastery, in the mystical background of Ohrid Lake.


Gjorce Stagjvreski, Macedonia, 2013, 14’


A landlady asks her tenant – a trumpeter who has an audition that day – a seemingly innocent favor: to drop off her female friend and her little daughter in the city. The tenant is unwillingly involved in a series of dramatic events, which fuel his creativity during the audition, later that day.


Darijan Pejovski, Macedonia, 2013, 13’


A man is bored at the opera, while his wife is enjoying it. A beautiful girl is also bored. The man tries go get her attention, but after an unfortunate turn of events, his attempt to make a contact turns into a cat-and-mouse chase through the dark corridors of the theater.


Dina Duma, Macedonia, 2018, 11’


Ana and Marta, two best friends since childhood, have to face that their friendship is inevitably reaching its turning point, after an unexpected drunk kiss, one night before one of them is getting married. A coming of middle age film, about the things never said.


Georgi M. Unkovski, Macedonia, 2015, 17’


When clumsy cadet Mirce joins forces with an old grumpy detective, Pepi, Skopje gets its own crime-fighting duo. Will the unlikely partnership of detectives Pepi and Mirce bring the local criminals to justice and put the city of Skopje at peace? Probably not, but their friendship might still have a chance.